Bespoke Parfums


Bespoke perfume custom made just for you

Your own personalised scent

Your bespoke perfume

Now you can have your own signature scent. Freda'D offers exclusive access into the development of your very own bespoke fragrance. Our perfume designer will mix your fragrance based on your answers given from our questionnaire so that the perfume is customized to your desires. After you answer whether the perfume is meant for you or as a gift, you may indicate what stage of life you are in. Then you are asked to which occasion you will be wearing your perfume. Is the perfume intended for work, the evening, or for the whole day? Other questions deal primarily with the scent of the perfume and effect of your custom fragrance. Here, you can optionally specify your personal preferences in order to get the perfect scent. You also have the option of specifying your old perfume so that our perfume designer can have a clearer picture of your characteristic as well as your preferences in your perfume choice. At the end of creating your bespoke fragrance, you have the opportunity to name your signature scent to your liking.


Every bespoke perfume is truly unique masterpiece

Bespoke perfumer develop your personal scent

As soon as you finish your order, our fragrances experts will start with the development of your personal scent recipe in our laboratory. With the answers given from our questionaire, a unique recipe will be developed and tested according to your profile. Your perfume will only be shipped to you within 2 weeks from your order. Every piece a unique masterpiece!

Please feel free to contact us for perfume consultation at any time. We are happy to help you creating your very own bespoke perfume.